The Farm

Finding Salento on a map is easy. You can’t miss it. It’s the narrow peninsula set between the Adriatic and Ionian seas in the southeastern corner of Italy. There you will find one hundred towns, one million inhabitants and eleven million olive trees. Not to mention grapevines, which in Salento usually means one of two local varieties: Negroamaro and Primitivo.

Respecting what best flourishes in the local soil and climate, our main cultivations are grape vines and olive trees. The vineyards extend twenty-two hectares over the most suitable land for grapes: red soil rich in clay, iron and potassium, in a location where long periods of high temperatures and relentless drought stress the vine just enough to allow it to express itself in deep, complex, salty red wines, full of the flavor of the South.

Our forty-two hectares of olive groves include thousands of century-old olive trees, in the indigenous varieties of Salento: Cellina and Ogliarola. The extra virgin olive oil produced from these trees has a very strong flavor undeniably connected to the land from which it came.

A few additional hectares are dedicated to legumes and true grasses, enough to produce the only organic fertilizer we need or use: green manure. At all times, we show nothing but the utmost respect for nature and purposefully apply organic farming methods in every cultivation.