The Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Our olive groves have up to four thousand century-old trees that have been serenely producing olives and extra virgin olive olive oil since the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies.

These plants are full of history. We not only respect and care for them, we understand the entire agricultural landscape was sculpted by and is dependent upon their presence.

For over twenty years, we have cultivated our groves organically. We use no pesticides or herbicides. And, we only intervene by shredding grass, ploughing when necessary and regularly pruning the foliage.

We have two local varieties on our land: the Cellina di Nardò and the Ogliarola Salentina. We choose to make oil from the former simply because we like it better.

We pick the olives directly from the tree in mid-October, exactly at veraison, when the drupes start to change color from green to black. We use harvesting rakes to detach the olives from the stalk, making them fall into nets set at the feet of the plant. Within a few hours, they reach the oil mill and are cold pressed, without adding heat—something that is often done elsewhere to increase yield during extraction.

The result is an intense, pure, dense extra virgin olive olive oil full of the fragrance and flavors expected from olive oils produced in the heart of the Mediterranean.

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